RB310 Electronic Control Box 30 Amp EXCHANGE ONLY

RB310 Electronic Control Box 30 Amp EXCHANGE ONLY
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Electronic RB310 control box EXCHANGE UNIT 12 volts 30 amps (adjustable) +ve earth only



Customers must send their old RB310 in before the order is released

Our new RB310 dynamo regulator is an all-electronic voltage and current regulator for DC generators.+ve earth available only.

The electronic Dynamo Regulator substitutes transistor switches for the mechanical relays used in the original units.  As a result, switching is cleaner and more reliable, and no cleaning or adjustment is ever required.

The trouble with the original mechanical units is that the relay contacts wear, get contaminated, and burn. This requires periodically cleaning and filing the contacts, and then re-adjusting the voltage and current limits, plus the cut-in voltage.

With this all electronic control box, there is never any need to clean contacts and re-adjust. Adjustment of the mechanical regulator is time-consuming and requires special equipment. Failure to properly adjust it will result in poor battery charging, loss of electrical power, and possible damage to the generator.

The mechanical control boxes have a fixed cut-in and cut-out voltage. The dynamo has to get up to the cut-in voltage before the dynamo can supply any power. When the dynamo voltage is below the cut-in voltage, but above the cut-out voltage, current from the battery is fed to the generator armature, thus wasting power, overheating the generator, and creating a drag on the engine. With this electronic regulator, the dynamo is supplying current whenever the output voltage is greater than the battery voltage, so the ignition warning light will go out at a lower RPM than with the original box, and battery charging is more efficient.


 Regulates both voltage and current

 No maintenance or adjustment ever needed

 2 year warranty

 High efficiency MOSFET cut-out

 Works with most 2-brush shunt-wound Type B DC generators

 Adjustable voltage & current limits

 Original appearance when used with original cover

 Automotive Grade components rated to 150ºC

 Fully tested and burned-in at full load

 Installation hardware and instructions included

 Fully Repairable

Additional Information

Part Number RB310
Car Make Aston Martin, Bentley, Jaguar, Rover
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